Ivory’s Rock Volunteer Opportunities

Collaboration, Kindness, Clarity = Enjoyment

At Ivory’s Rock, we are currently looking for help in the following ways:


Peace Education Program

Tech Operator

The Peace Education Program (PEP), Ivory’s Rock Foundation’s core educational program is seeking further Tech Operators. PEPs can be held both in-person and online. Ivory’s Rock’s current presentation is taking place via Zoom, so remote Tech Operators are welcome to apply. If you are interested to learn how to operate PEP media, training

Learning and Development

Training and facilitation

The Learning and Development team is an initiative of Ivory’s Rock Foundation Board. Since 2019 they have been devising and conducting workshops aimed at fostering a welcoming and supportive culture at Ivory’s Rock. From time to time expressions of interest are open to people with training/facilitation skills. email your expression of interest to hr@ivorysrock.foundation

Peak Organics

Peak Organics is the small fruit and vegetable farm at Ivory’s Rock. Produce is sold to staff, volunteers, and regular customers and profits donated to support Ivory’s Rock. Peak Organics has the following virtual volunteering opportunity on offer.


Peak Organics is excluded from the Council’s Fire Ant programme because of its organic (and Biodynamic) status. Research is needed on effective organic alternatives. email hr@ivorysrock.foundation



Visitors and clients often comment on the beautiful environment of Ivory’s Rock. The care and attention donated by volunteers year-round shows in the presentation of our grounds and buildings. Good general fitness and reliability are the key requirements for grounds/maintenance helpers. A variety of tasks are available such as watering, weeding, mulching. email to hr@ivorysrock.foundation

Facilities Assistant

Learn how Ivory’s Rock Facilities Team maintains the property as well as supporting all activities and events on site. The Facilities Manager is looking for a reliable and competent person to manage occasional projects and provide general support Tuesday to Friday. You will need good general fitness and preferably some relevant experience. email hr@ivorysrock.foundation


Reliable, skilled carpenters/handypersons are always welcome to express their interest in helping out. As at January 2022 there are a number of projects available. You will need to show demonstrated skills or qualifications, have your own transport, and to be absolutely reliable. email to hr@ivorysrock.foundation


Grounds is currently looking for committed and enthusiastic volunteers to help with mowing. Areas to be mowed vary depending on event and accommodation bookings as well as how fast the grass is growing. Ideally you will have experience of operating a large ride-on mower though this is not essential, and will have regular day/s and time/s available. email to hr@ivorysrock.foundation


Working Bees and Other Projects

All levels of fitness are welcome. Accommodation may be available if you live some distance away.

Venue Preparation Project

In hopeful anticipation of a Peace Event this year, a day venue preparation project began on Friday 15th April and concluded today Monday 25th. A lot was achieved and onsite and day volunteers enjoyed 10 days together helping out.

Thanks everyone for your help. Watch this space for further projects, or contact Bruce directly on volprojects@ivorysrock.foundation

Get in touch

If you see nothing here but have the time and enthusiasm to help please contact hr@ivorysrock.foundation to discuss.

Thank you for you interest.

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